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Why Are Silicone Toys the First Choice of Many Parents?

Silicone toys are refined from natural rubber. They are resistant to high temperature and cold. They can maintain good elasticity at a temperature of -60~250°C. They have excellent thermal oxidation and ozone resistance. Many parents will buy them before their babies are one year old. Some baby silicone toys are designed to arouse the baby's interest and not to cry; it is also to promote the baby's intellectual development. Why are silicone toys the first choice of many parents?

Ⅰ. Advantages of silicone toys

1. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, more assured

In today's society, whether it is an adult or a child, dolls are a way of entertainment, and toys are usually used for playing. Indeed, there are many kinds of toys! Silicon materials have many advantages, such as: low temperature resistance -40 degrees, insulation, environmental protection, etc.! These two points are mainly reflected in the production of toys. Silicone toys are items that accompany us in leisure and entertainment. They must be cleaned after long-term use. Silicone toys can be cleaned and disinfected with boiling water for effective disinfection. Don't worry about the toys themselves being damaged. The toy has the characteristics of bright colors and beautiful colors. I believe everyone has seen it.

2. Safe, good-looking and playable

Many silicone products on the market are brightly colored and attractive, such as silicone bags and silicone crash pads. Silicone rubber has the characteristics of long life, itching resistance, non-volatile, etc. Because of its long life, needless to say, 10 or 20 years, from the birth of the first child to 5 years after the birth of the fifth child, and after the birth of the second child, You can continue to play with silicone toys, and the colors will be as bright as ever. Silicon toys are usually made of soft materials, and the sensitive and transparent silicon materials will not cause any harm to children's skin.

Ⅱ. The choice of baby silicone toys

1. From 2 to 5 months, you can prepare items that can be chewed by the baby

Before one year old, the baby's mouth is sensitive. He is used to perceiving the world with his mouth. You can give him some toys that can be bitten to meet his psychological needs. For example, silicone chews, but parents must ensure the safety of the silicone toys they buy, and they should not be too hard, otherwise it will affect the baby's teeth.

2. When the baby is about 8 months old, he can play with large toys such as knocking and throwing

During this period, the strength of the baby's arms and limbs has increased, and sometimes the strength of the feet is so strong that it will even hurt the parents to kick them, so we choose some toys that can play music to cultivate the baby's interest. For example: a silicone inflatable hammer, which can make a sound when knocked, but also requires a certain amount of strength to pick it up, which is very suitable for babies at this stage.

3. At the age of 1, you can prepare beach balls, kitchen utensils, and board books

At this age, the baby's learning ability gradually becomes stronger, and his curiosity tells him that every thing wants to find out what characteristics it has, for example, this thing can bounce, the other can roll, and this thing can also roll. So we have to choose some toys that can satisfy curiosity, such as car beach balls, electric cars with tracks, and if there are no toys, the baby will treat everything in the house as a toy and make a mess. From one and a half to two years old, the baby's intelligence develops very fast, so baby puzzles are a good toy for him. The baby can play while lying down, not only can see the objects in front of him, but also can also try to touch it with your hands.

Silicone toys are safe, practical and beautiful, and are the first choice of many parents. Silicone products have many uses in life! It can be said that it is widely used in various fields of life.

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