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What is the Role of Silicone Products in the Medical Industry?

During the new coronavirus epidemic, our lives and health are seriously threatened, and all our tools and materials that can prevent and control the virus have become weapons in this defense war. At present, all medical appliances are already important products. Everywhere in life, it can also play a certain role in prevention and control during the epidemic prevention period. Everyone knows that in this battle against the epidemic, the use of various epidemic prevention supplies is inseparable, including masks, medical respirator masks, goggles, etc. The materials for making these anti-epidemic products are non-woven fabrics, plastic PVC, TPE, silicone rubber and so on. Silicone rubber products include high temperature silicone rubber and room temperature silicone rubber. Among them, high temperature silicone rubber has excellent biocompatibility, odorless and non-toxic, high temperature resistance and sterilization, good tear strength, good product fluidity, and easy processing.

1. The role of mask silicone medical products in the medical industry

Masks are the main necessities. At present, masks are divided into various grades. Among them, medical silicone masks are mainly made of high-temperature silicone rubber into a nose clip and wrapped in non-woven materials, or directly integrated with non-woven fabrics and plastic PVC on the outer layer. Form the sealing ring, or directly make it into a replaceable filter box mask, or make it into a mask headband. Its good sealing, extensibility and processing performance can make the shape of the mask easy to fit the human face, suitable for various face shapes, and effectively isolate droplet saliva pollution; the filter box is directly fixed to the sealing silicone mask, thus reducing the replacement of accessories, and simplifying maintenance; the good resilience and soft touch of silicone rubber can also reduce ear and head discomfort when wearing a mask.

2. The role of silicone medical products for respiratory equipment in the medical industry

The silicone material in respiratory equipment should not be underestimated. At present, silicone medical products are an essential material in the medical industry, and the most important role lies in the confirmed critically ill patients. Their treatment cannot be separated from respiratory aids, such as nasal pillows. Therefore, silicone masks are currently an essential prevention and control tool in the hardest-hit areas, and the materials must not be lower than the medical-grade testing and certification standards. In addition to medical equipment, silicone materials are used as various tube strips, gastric tubes, urinary catheters and other necessary accessories, which are made of medical grade silicone rubber.

3. The role of silicone medical products for goggles in the medical industry

Due to the wide spread of this virus, and the main routes of transmission are from the mouth, nose and eyes, protective glasses have also become a necessity. At present, liquid high-transparency silicone medical products for goggles have also been launched during this anti-epidemic period. To protect the eyes, its main function is to protect the eyes, the material sheet is transparent, can be seen clearly, not tight, the sealing effect can also meet the requirements, effectively protect the wearer from viruses, and prevent virus droplets from splashing into the eyes, and the goggles are reusable.

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