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What Are the Production Processes of Silicone Keypads?

Silicone keypad is a member of the keyboard family and is one of the input devices of the computer. The silicone keypad is made of imported high-grade medical-grade silicone material, which is non-toxic, odorless, harmless, and environmentally friendly. The silicone keypad can be curled at will, easy to carry, very space-saving, and light in weight (less than 330 grams) and small in size. The silicone keypad has good resilience, silent percussion, soft and comfortable touch, and friendly hand.

1. The role of silicone keypad

As an accessory of electronic products, at first, the main function of silicone rubber button pad is to protect the surface of the product from scratches and dirt. The silicone material is transparent, soft and elastic, and it is completely fitted on the machine and will not affect the control of the machine. In addition, the silicone rubber keypad is formed by the design of the mold, so the manufacturer will fully consider the maneuverability to ensure that the silicone keypad does not need a rubber cover after being put on the machine.

2. The production process of silicone keypad

Silicone keypad is a silicone rubber product produced by high temperature vulcanized rubber as the main raw material through the molding process of vulcanization. A finished silicone keypad buttons need to go through the following processes:

(1) Raw material preparation (also known as rubber mixing, material preparation, etc.): including mixing of raw rubber, color matching, weight calculation of raw materials, etc.

(2) Vulcanization molding (also known as hydraulic molding): High-pressure vulcanization equipment is used to undergo high-temperature vulcanization to make the silicone raw material into a solid state.

(3) Phifeng (also known as processing, deburring, etc.): The silicone products that come out of the mold will be accompanied by some useless burrs and holes, which need to be removed; in the industry, this process is done by hand, and some factories also have Finish with a punch.

(4) Silk screen printing: This process is only used for some keypads with patterns on the surface according to silicone keypad design guide, such as English letters and Arabic numerals on the silicone keypad. In order to make it easy for users to operate the keys, it is often necessary to silk screen the corresponding characters on the mobile phone keyboard in the corresponding position.

(5) Surface treatment: including dust removal with an air gun.

(6) Oil injection: silicone rubber keypads are easy to absorb dust in the air under normal conditions, and have a certain viscosity. Spray a thin layer of feel oil on the surface of the silicone keypad to prevent dust and ensure the feel.

(7) Others: Including some additional functions given by merchants to the silicone keypad, such as dispensing glue, laser engraving, P+R synthesis, optimizing packaging, and assembling with other materials and components.

The silicone keypad is fully sealed, waterproof, dustproof, oilproof, acid and alkali proof, can be used in any harsh environment, and can be disinfected and washed in water. Profound uses special custom silicone keypad design and production process of the silicone keypad make the internal structure of the keyboard simple, using a specially developed high-strength silicone adhesive, without any metal screws, and the performance is reliable and stable. The silicone keypad has a variety of colors, distinctive personality, and unique surface treatment, so that the key words will never fall off and will not fade.

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