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What Are the Precautions for Choosing a Silicone Spatula?

Kitchen utensils are essential and indispensable household items in the home kitchen. It is good to use ordinary kitchen utensils to make a meal. It may seem very common, but in hot summer or cold winter, using different kitchen utensils to make more Has another flavor. Especially in summer, the hot weather continues, and sometimes there is no appetite for meals. This should be experienced by many people, especially female friends, who especially want to see some refreshing food. But in such a hot summer, some cold dishes that can be made with creative kitchen utensils can change the appetite.

Most of the traditional kitchen utensils are mainly hardware kitchen utensils. Compared with creative silicone kitchen utensils made of Profound rubber, there are great differences in appearance and color. For example, the creative kitchen silicone spatula, the head of this product is made of China silicone rubber, and the handle is made of plastic or wood. When using it, directly use the head scraper to touch the non-stick pan or other rice cooker, because this The scraper is made of silicone and will not scratch the bottom or inner wall of the pot.

1. The kitchen silicone spatula is mainly made of silicone material

Silicone spatula is also called "cake scraper". It is generally used to stir liquid materials such as batter. Because the blade is relatively soft, it can also scrape the materials that stick to the utensils. Silicone spatula is a Western-style tool, which is rare in Chinese cooking, but it is a very frequently used tool in Western-style baking. It has various patterns and can decorate a beautiful kitchen.

2. The main points of choosing a silicone pan scraper

Whether the softness of the scraper can scrape the batter clean at one time has a great impact; during the mixing process, it directly affects the speed and fusion degree of the mixing. After testing, the scraping head of the kitchen silicone scraper is too hard, which will affect the efficiency of scraping the batter and the efficiency of mixing. Of course, it does not mean that the softer the scraper, the better. The silicone pan scraper has different uses, and the required hardness is also different: generally hard batter needs to be matched with a scraper with a harder blade; soft "fragile" such as cake batter needs to be matched. A scraper with a soft tip.

When purchasing a scraper, pay attention to the handle must be long and thick, so that it can be used more effectively. The feel of the handle is subjective, but the handle that is too thin and too short is difficult to use. If the handle is made of plastic or wood, it is not only easy to cut the hand, but also has poor bearing capacity and is easy to be broken. Choosing the right silicone tools for cooking can make you a happy day.

The kitchen silicone scraper can be divided into one-piece scraper and split-type scraper. The one-piece scraper is supported by steel bars in the handle, so the scraper is relatively heavy. Split scrapers are mostly plastic or wooden split handles, with many fancy styles and light knives, but they need to be cleaned separately. Obsessive-compulsive disorder cannot tolerate things that are not clean, so it is recommended to buy an integrated silicone scraper, which can save a lot of energy in cleaning tools.

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