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The Purpose of the Silicone Spatula

There may be many people who don't know what a silicone scraper is. Here is a brief introduction. Silicone scraper belongs to the category of silicone kitchenware made of silicone. It is made of food-grade silicone + food-grade plastic through a silicone vulcanizer. The produced custom silicone products have the advantages of environmental protection, easy cleaning, good hand feeling, many styles, bright colors, etc. It is a good helper in the kitchen. Most of the scrapers it produces now are sold in Europe and the United States. Do you still feel that you are not particularly impressed with this product? So what is it used for so many advantages? Silicone products factory of Profound introduces you to the use of this silicone scraper.

1. Silicone spatula is a good helper in the kitchen

A good helper for the kitchen, indicating that it is used in the kitchen and is mainly sold to Europe and the United States. From these two points, you will soon understand that it is not a spatula or a rice spoon, but a tool for making cakes that European and American people like to eat. In fact, it is necessary to introduce why cakes are specially produced for this purpose. scraper. Friends who have made cakes should know that the cakes are made on a rotatable table, and the surface is not flat enough. At this time, this kitchen silicone spatula can be used to scrape back to the greatest extent so as not to waste.

2. Silicone spatula can be used to make cakes

Do you think a silicone product only has this function? Then this idea is wrong. If a product has only one function, it will cause a waste of resources. A multi-purpose product is a good product. In addition to making cakes, the silicone spatula can also be used to stir egg yolks. It can be used when beating eggs. Stirring with this spatula for an even effect requires a correct gesture of course.

3. Silicone spatula can stir eggs

We all know that small cakes are baked in the oven. Generally, a silicone cake mold can be used to shape the cake. After baking, take the cake out of the silicone cake mold and use a all silicone spatula to move it from the baking tray to the desired shape. The desired position is also a good choice. The scraper is flexible and the scraper head is soft, so that the operation process will not damage the shape of the cake.

To sum up, there are many uses of silicone pan scrapers, which mainly focus on: making cakes, mixing eggs, mixing ingredients in the early stage of mixing cakes, and shifting the cakes when they are out of the oven! A good product has many uses. What is a silicone spatula used for? Write it down now.

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