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The Main Application of Medical Silicone in the Medical Field

Medical silicone is also called medical silicone rubber. In addition to meeting the basic requirements of medical polymer materials, medical silica gel also has the characteristics of heat resistance, cold resistance, non-toxicity, biological aging resistance, minimal reaction to human tissue, and good physical and mechanical properties, which are in line with medical polymer materials. It has become the most typical organosilicon polymer material among medical polymer materials, and its application in the medical and health field is becoming more and more extensive.

1. Medical silicone substitutes for organs or tissues

Substitutes for organs or tissues, divided into long-term and short-term indwelling medical silicone rubber products in the body. Long-term indwelling products include hydrocephalus drainage devices, artificial lungs, and retinal implants. Artificial meninges, larynx, artificial fingers, palm joints, artificial tympanic membranes, dental impressions and denture tissue surface soft pads, artificial tendons, artificial heart valve accessories, etc. Indwelling in the body for a short period of time, the products that play the role of fluid rehydration, rescue, drainage and injection, anti-adhesion or defoaming include venous cannula, urinary catheter, arteriovenous fistula, peritoneal dialysis tube, contact lenses, blood vessels, pressure relief tubes, chest drainage tube, gastroscope sleeve, otitis media ventilation tube, catheter and nasal cannula, etc.

2. The key components of medical silicone medical devices

These silicone medical products include artificial heart-lung machine blood transfusion pump tubes, membrane artificial heart-lung machines, fetal suction devices and artificial blood circulation devices. Cosmetic and prosthetic surgery In the past 20 years, silicone rubber has also been widely used in cosmetic and prosthetic surgery. Use silicone rubber to repair facial defects, such as repairing forehead, nose, beard, jaw, neck, outer ear defects, etc., skull and chest cosmetic surgery and repair of internal organs, as well as artificial breasts, which have always been controversial. As a silicone rubber company, Profound supplies a series of medical silicone products.

3. Medical silicone drug sustained release system

Prolonging the efficacy of drugs and improving the specificity and safety of drug action is an important topic in pharmaceutical research. There are two main ways to use silicone rubber to control drug release: encapsulation type and particle dispersion type. At present, controlled-release preparations using silicone rubber biomaterials as a matrix have been used in contraceptives and anticancer drugs, and have achieved good results. The release system can also be used for the controlled release of many other drugs in animals.

4. Medical silicone external products

Silicone rubber film has good oxygen permeability, carbon dioxide permeability and moisture permeability similar to human skin water evaporation, as well as non-toxic, harmless, non-allergic, and not easy to cause foreign body reaction or rejection, polyester fiber, etc. reinforced and used as artificial film. In addition, addition silicone rubber can be used for non-surgical sterilization of female fallopian tubes. This method is ideal and has now become an important method of choice for women undergoing permanent sterilization.

Medical silicone tubes are used in many medical fields, and it is the fastest growing and most widely used product in silicone medical devices. The development trend of medical silicone tubes used in the human body is micro, thin-walled, multi-lumen, and multi-functional in one tube, such as sampling and testing, lavage, and infusion.

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