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Silicone Rubber Products in Children Toy
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Silicone Rubber Products in Children Toy

Toy silicone is a kind of synthetic rubber, that belongs to organic silicone, dedicated to the production of toys. Toy silicone is the best both high temperature and cold resistant silicone rubber, generally at -60~250 deG C can still maintain good elasticity, thermal oxidation and ozone stability is very high, toy silicone is non-toxic harmless to children's body harmless, and insulation, high chemical inertia, is the ideal raw material for toy production. Toy silicone is also known as toy silicone rubber, toy rubber, toy silicone, toy silicone, toy organic silicone.

Chewing Silicone

Advantages of Toy Silicone

  1. It has good operability.

  2. Low viscosity, good liquidity, easy to operate.

  3. The shrinkage rate is small, generally less than two per thousand.

  4. Good tensile strength.

  5. It is not easy to deform.

  6. The hardness of silicone rubber should be suitable for the use of products.

  7. High-temperature resistance, more times of mold turning, the longer the service life, the better, acid and alkali resistance to aging.

  8. Non-toxic harmless, strong chemical inertia.

Silicone Chew Toys

Many silicone products on the market are very bright colors, and very durable, such as silicone bags, and silicone anti-collision cushions. Silicone rubber has the characteristics of long life and non-volatilization, because of its long life, let alone 10 or 20 years, from the birth of the first child to five years after the birth of the fifth child, to the birth of the second child, you can continue to play with silicone rubber toys, the color will be bright as before. Silicon toys are usually made of soft material, and the sensitive silicon material does no harm to children's skin.

Rainbow Silicone Stacker

For example, the same toy is made of two materials, silicone and plastic. Toys may have a bit of a sharp edge, but silicone edges don't hurt your baby, and plastic is usually hard, so it can hurt your baby.

That's why there are so many silicone toys out there.

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