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Silicone Rubber in Medical Applications
Medical Healthcare

Silicone Rubber Products in Medical Applications

1. As Artificial Organs

Medical Silicone Products

Silicone rubber simulation products can be buried in the human body for a long time as an indispensable part of the human body. These include hydrocephalus drainage devices, artificial lungs, retinal implants, artificial meninges, larynx, and artificial hands

Finger, palm joint, artificial eardrum, dental impression and soft pad for supporting tooth tissue, artificial heart valve attachment, artificial tendon and various catheters for digestive system and abdominal surgery products.

2. Applications In Cosmetic And Prosthetics.

Such as artificial skull repair in nylon, polyester fiber reinforced after artificial skin; Contact lenses that improve vision; To mend the defects of a face; Repair of body organs, such as repair of sphincter to treat large intestine ptosis, the use of silicone rubber surface replacement technology to repair the vascularless crescent bone of wrist, and forehead, nose, jaw, neck and other scars; Treatment of the defect of the outer ear and now has been very controversial artificial breast.

3. Application In Medical Devices

Medical Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber can be used as a catheter in a part of the body for a short time, as an important auxiliary material and means of rescue and treatment of various cases; Such as for the liver insufficiency, intestinal fistula, burns and other patients with static intubation for fluid replenishment, treatment of acute and chronic functional failure patients to remove drug poisoning static and dynamic external fistula and peritoneal through pipette, as well as enema, catheter, infusion tube, pressure relief tube, chest drainage tube, gastric lavage tube, and other one-time supplies. It can also be used for fetal suction head, artificial heart-lung machine, membrane artificial lung, medical electrode substrate, packaging materials for biosensors, etc.

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