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Zebra Connector

Zebra Connector

  • Stable and Reliable Performance

  • Simple and Efficient Production and Assembly

  • A Wide Range of Applications

Zebra connector, also known as silicone elastomeric connector, is conductive rubber connector, commonly known as zebra strip, by an alternating layer of conductive silicone and insulating silicone after vulcanization molding. The performance of the conductive zebra elastomeric connectors is stable and reliable, and the production and assembly are simple and efficient. Widely used in game machine, telephone, electronic watch, calculator, instrument and other products of LCD and circuit board connection. Zebra elastomeric connectors are mainly composed of silicone rubber. Firstly, the silicone particles and additives are mixed, and then the clinker is continuously rolled, which is rolled into an insulating silicone sheet and conductive silicone sheet filled with carbon.

Benefits of Profound Zebra Connectors

Benefits of Profound Zebra Connectors

Profound zebra elastomeric connectors have an excellent moistureproof and waterproof effect.

Add molding, indoor temperature curing

Excellent heat resistance, moisture resistance and cold resistance, which can prolong the life of electronic accessories after application.

Form soft rubber shape after curing, good impact resistance.

Low viscosity, good leveling, suitable for molding of complex electronic parts.

Profound Zebra Connector Show

Profound Zebra Connector Show

FAQ of Profound Zebra Connector

What kind of zebra connector that is most commonly used?

YL type zebra connector. It is composed of alternating layers of conductive silicone rubber and insulating silicone rubber.

Can zebra strips (elastomeric connectors) be cut to size?

Yes, the common size are 0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.18mm, you can customized it.

What are the other types?


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