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Silicone Zebra Connector For Sale

As one of the outstanding elastomeric connectors suppliers, Profound produces conductive silicone rubber elastomeric connectors, also known by the registered trademark ZEBRA connectors, and non-conductive (IR) rubber spacers. A gas-tight seal can be formed when these two products are compressed properly, which keep the dust away.

After Profound long-term test, we can guarantee that our elastomeric connectors/silicone zebra connectors are one of the top quality in China, meeting customers' demands and expectations.

As one of the leading zebra connector suppliers in China, we offer different kinds of connectors, including, T, TC, T2, TS, TS-D and more. Our custom zebra connectors are corrosion-resistant, shock-absorbing and insulated (TS &TG) that can accommodate a wide range of products such as calculators, cameras, copiers, and fax machines. We offer YDP, YSP, YS, YY YDM type as well, these are used to connect the PCB and screen.

With short lead times, Profound has successfully served customers in multiple industries, including the automotive, commercial, and pharmaceutical industries. Buy elastomeric zebra strip connector at Profound, a trustworthy elastomeric connectors supplier, we are pleased to await your inquiry.

Application of Silicone Rubber Zebra Connector

Zebra connector is formed by alternating overlapping vulcanized conductive silicone and insulating silicone. 

1. Widely used in telephone, electronic watch, calculator, instrument, LCD monitor and substrate connection. 

2. The zebra connector has enough tensile strength, good elasticity, good heat resistance and aging resistance for the building curtain walls, the size of the section structure is scientific and reasonable. At present, the application of the curtain wall in real estate is increasing, and the combination of glass curtain wall, large LED and curtain wall has widely used.

3. The conductive rubber connector has stable and reliable performance, simple production and assembly.

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elastomeric connector
zebra strip connector
Dimension and Tolerances of Silicone Zebra Connector

Dimension and Tolerances of Silicone Zebra Connector

ItemPitch/PLength/LHeight/HWidth/WWidth of conductive layer/CW

Basic Properties of Silicone Zebra Connector

ItemComponentUnitGSS Type
Specific gravityInsulator
Edge insulation part1.1
HardnessInsulatorShore A65-73
Edge insulation part20-30
Compression set*%12-18
Volume resistivityInsulatorΩ.cm1*10
Edge insulation part8*10
Dielectric breakdown voltageInsulatorkv/mm23-27
Edge insulation part23-27
Insulation resistance (500V DC)*M.Ω1*10≤
Operating temperature range*-25-85

Highlight of Silicone Zebra Connector

Highlight of Silicone Zebra Connector
  • YDP

    One side foam strip, one side foam insulation, three sides with conductive function.

  • YL

    Zebra strip is the most common conductive strip is also the most commonly used one, it has four conductive function.

  • YSP

    Double-sided foam strip is also the most common kind of conductive rubber strip. There are foam sponges on both sides of the strip, which has good insulation performance.

  • YS

    Transparent sandwich strip, both sides of dark gray transparent silica gel with insulation function, hardness is relatively harder than other types of rubber strip.

  • YY

    Printing type, this type of conductive rubber strip is characterized by coating a layer of insulating material on the surface of conductive layer, which will not cause a short circuit with the metal shell during use. The maximum conductive layer thickness can be guaranteed when the strip thickness is required to be thin.

  • YDM

    Insulation tape, which is fully insulated. (Common colors are light blue, white, red, transparent).

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