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Silicone Zebra Connector Lcd To Pcb

Silicone zebra connector is usually used for LCM assembly, as ITO of LCD and PCB leading connection. The main benefits of this connection mode are: good weather resistance, shock resistance, repeated disassembly adjustment, etc.

LCD elastomeric connector is the silicone conductive layer and insulating silicon rubber layer stacked and pressurized molding, installed in the LIQUID crystal display module and circuit board electrode as a conductive medium.

Elastomeric Connectors For LCD

Applications of Silicone Zebra Connector Lcd to Pcb

Applications of Silicone Zebra Connector Lcd to Pcb

1. lCD elastomeric connector is used in display module, more widely used in many electronic products, such as communication, home appliances, medical equipment, test instrument products and automobile industry, etc.

2. PCB pair display panel: vehicle video and audio navigation, blood pressure machine, blood sugar machine and other display modules.

3. PCB to PCB: ATM (anti-disassembly device), all kinds of banking machines, household appliances, mobile devices, etc.

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