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Silicone Sealing Ring

In many mechanical equipment, their important parts are basically composed of silicone accessories, and provide an important operation for them.

Silicone has good compression resistance, tear resistance, wear resistance and other properties;

With good internal conductive series Settings;

Waterproof, moisture-proof, shockproof and other properties;

The service life is longer than other material accessories;

The surface is smooth and beautiful, with good elasticity and resistance to compression deformation.

Silicone Sealing Ring

Highlight Of Silicone Sealing Ring

Highlight Of Silicone Sealing Ring
  • Good sealing performance, waterproof and dustproof, fire retardant;

  • High tear resistance, high-pressure resistance, wear resistance, good shockproof effect;

  • Aging resistance, long-term use will not crack or deformation;

  • High and low-temperature resistance, can maintain its original high sealing performance between -60 degrees and 200 degrees.

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