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Silicone Eartips

Silicone Eartips

  • The raw materials used in silicone eartips have been tested for environmental protection and are harmless to human beings.

  • Profound silicone buds have good elasticity, can fit perfectly with ear canal and effectively reduce noise.

  • Profound custom silicone ear tips are made of high-quality silicone material, which is soft, comfortable, dustproof and washable.

The silicone eartips is a common accessory of earphone electronic products. It has the characteristics of comfortable, close to the ear, close to the sealed music output mode and so on. Custom silicone ear tips are a common accessory for earphone electronic products. It adopts the design matching with the shape and size of earphone to release the music effect of earphone. Silicone buds can increase the comfort of putting the earphone into the ear, close to the ear, close to the sealed music output mode. The custom silicone ear tips can protect the earphone from dust, shock and fall and extend the life of the earphone.

Why Choose Silicone Eartips Over Other Materials?

Why Choose Silicone Eartips Over Other Materials?

Earphone silicone tips are popular in recent years. In-ear silicone earphone plugs can reduce sound leakage and provide clearer hearing ability.

Product safety and environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, no stimulation.

Headphone silicone tips can be in direct contact with the skin for a long time, and soft texture.

Silicone buds for earphones can fit with the skin, reduce hard leakage, but also play a sound insulation effect.

Silicone Earbuds Cleaning

Silicone Earbuds Cleaning

As a superior and leading silicone products factory in China, Profound Tech provides professional designs of silicone buds for earphones.

A lot of customers have their own drawings of silicone buds. But usually they are not suitable for mass production. Our engineers will provide professional advice, and we will preserve the product design as much as possible, and ensure that the custom silicone ear tips are suitable for efficient production.

FAQ of Profound Silicone Eartips

How long do headphone silicone tips last?

Because of their chemical stability, silicone buds for earphones can usually last more than five years.

Can you wash earphone silicone tips?

Yes, but make sure you don't wash your earphone directly, better remove the silicone buds from earphone.

Are silicone buds better?

Yes, silicone buds for earphones can reduce sound leakage and provide clearer hearing ability.

How do you pick out your silicone buds?

Normally you should pick the size suitable for you. But now the earphone will have different size for you.

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