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Silicone Button With Oil Spraying

Silicone products are easy to absorb dust under normal circumstances, so in the production process, a thin layer of feel oil will be sprayed on the surface of silicone products. The main effect of oil injection is to improve the feel and beauty of the silicone rubber button pads, so that the product keeps a smoother, more three-dimensional feeling. It is mainly on the surface of the product spray a layer of mist does not affect the color of the product ink, used to enhance the feel of the silicone rubber buttons, delicate mixed feel oil can keep the product appearance of the matte effect.

Application of Silicone Rubber Button Pad

Silicone keypads are waterproof and dustproof, strong durability, so it is widely used in different industry, depends on different pressure force.

1. Force: 50-80g, generally applicable to the silicone keypads of computer keyboards and calculators. The pressure of this range is not high, relatively low, and it is easy to press. It is suitable for the silicone keypads that need to be often clicked.

2. 80-120g, generally applicable to electrical keys, remote control keys, press the pressure is appropriate, feel comfortable, resilience is also good.

3. 120-180g, generally applicable to the influence of equipment, industrial instruments, mechanical remote control, the pressure is much larger than the second kind, generally applicable to relatively large silicone keypads, resilience is more superior, but not suitable for the number of clicks is very frequent products.

4. The pressure above 180g, generally this kind of silicone press pressure button is relatively rare, suitable for special industries, such as medical, aviation and other industries

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Basic Data of Silicone Button with Oil Spraying

Contact resistance<150Ω
Key duration1~30 million
Working temperature-20~180℃
Storage temperature-30~250℃
Elastic contact<12 million
Insulation resistance> 10^12Ω
Insulating ability25~30 kv/mm

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