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Noise Canceling Silicone Earbuds

The active noise reduction function is to neutralize the noise by generating reverse sound waves equal to the external noise through the noise reduction system, so as to achieve the effect of noise reduction. Active noise-canceling earphones have noise-canceling circuits to compete with external noise. Most of them use a large head-mounted designs. They can use earplug cotton and earphone shell to block external noise and carry out the first round of sound insulation, but also in order to have enough space to install active noise-canceling circuits and power supply.

Noise Cancelling Silicone Earbuds
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Passive Noise Reduction Function Of Noise Cancelling Silicone Earbuds

Passive Noise Reduction Function Of Noise Cancelling Silicone Earbuds

Besides active noise reduction, there is another way to reduce the noise of earphones. Passive noise-cancelling earphones mainly surround the ears to form a closed space, or use silicone earplugs and other sound insulation materials to block outside noise. Because the noise has not been processed by the noise reduction circuit chip, it can only block the high frequency noise, and the noise reduction effect is not obvious to the low frequency noise.

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