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Conductive Rubber Zebra Connector

Zebra conductive connector is commonly known as conductive rubber connector, which is formed by alternating layer superposition of conductive and insulating silicone. The performance of conductive rubber connector is stable and reliable, and the production and assembly are simple and efficient. Widely used in game machine, telephone, electronic watch, calculator, instrument and other products of LCD and circuit board connection. Zebra strip types are mainly divided into YS type, YSa type, YP type, YSP type, YY type conductive strip and other types.

Conductive Rubber Zebra Connector

Performance of Conductive Rubber Zebra Connector

Conductive layer resistivity (PV)3-15 ω cm
Insulation layer resistance (PVZ)≥1012 ω
Large current density2.5mA/mm
Relative humidity+25℃85%

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