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Noise-cancelling Earplugs: Which is Better, Foam or silicone ear tips?

Anti-noise ear tips can be inserted into the ear canal to isolate the sound from entering the middle ear and inner ear to achieve the purpose of sound insulation, thereby protecting the human ear. Silicone rubber eartips can be plugs in the ears, used to prevent water from entering the ears when swimming, and can also be used to reduce noise interference, that is, anti-noise ear tips, sleep ear tips, etc. Common anti-noise ear tips can be divided into foam or silicone ear tips. Ear tips made of different materials have different feelings and main uses. Let's take a look at the relevant knowledge.

Ⅰ. The respective properties of silicone ear tips and foam ear tips

1. Silicone ear tips

Before using the silicone ear tips, soak them in warm water to soften them. Because the inner wall of the ear canal is curved and soft, if the ear tips are too hard, the ear canal will be red and swollen, and the ear canal may be red and swollen if it does not fit the ear wall. Therefore, it cannot be stuffed for long-term use. But silicone ear tips are easy to clean and can be used over and over again.

2. Foam ear tips

The softness and hardness are good, making the ear canal comfortable, and the sound insulation effect is good, and there is no discomfort in long-term use. Foam replacement silicone earbuds are made of low-pressure foam-molded material and high-elasticity polyester material. The anti-noise ear tips have a smooth surface and slow rebound. There is no pain in the ears when using them, and the sound insulation effect is between 25dB-40dB. This kind of ear tips is very suitable for sleeping every night, but because the slow rebound effect will be weakened after cleaning, it cannot be used repeatedly. Generally speaking, foam ear tips are disposable. However, with the development of science, as of now, there are some foam ear tips on the market that can be used repeatedly for more than half a year and can be scrubbed. 

Ⅱ. Which is better, foam or silicone ear tips?

Many people have the question: should I buy silicone or memory foam earbuds? It depends on what your main needs are. The material of the ear tips mainly depends on personal preference. If it is necessary to waterproof such as swimming, of course, silicone is good. If it is sleeping or studying to block external noise, etc., the foam is good and soft. If it is the earplug of the earphone, the pure noise-free effect is better than the foam, but this kind of earphone is not suitable for listening to music while walking, because it will be slow to respond to the outside world, and the foam will easily become dirty.

The raw materials used in Pufang silicone ear bud have been tested for environmental protection and are harmless to the human body. The product has good elasticity and can fit perfectly with the ear canal, effectively reducing noise. This product is made of high-quality silicone material, soft and comfortable, dust-proof and washable. Silicone ear tips protect the earphones from dust, shocks and drops, and extend the life of the earphones. Pufang is a professional manufacturer of silicone rubber. Our company is located in Dongguan. We have over 20 years of experience in silicone products. Our company provides one-stop service from product design to delivery. We have professional engineers to provide design guidance, sophisticated production equipment and strict quality management. Our goal is to make better products!

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