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How to Wear Silicone Ear Buds and Cleaning Method of Silicone Ear Buds

silicone ear buds are noise-proof, waterproof, protective silicone products. Silicone rubber eartips are labor protection products that need to be worn when working in a noisy environment. Using the sealing characteristics of silicone materials, they are designed to conform to the structure of the human ear, effectively protect the eardrum from noise damage, and reduce noise interference on people's work and behavior.

1. How to wear silicone ear buds?

There are a lot of noisy noises in daily life. The existence of noise affects our physical and mental health. At this time, we need a sound-isolating silicone ear buds to help us obtain a comfortable and quiet environment. However, there are various silicone ear buds on the market. Should I buy silicone or memory foam earbuds? You should know how to choose a silicone earplug that suits you.

The damage of sound to the ear is mainly concentrated in the volume and the use time, so basically it depends on your preference. The earmuff type usually causes ear pain. Personally think that no matter what silicone ear buds are the same, the volume is the most important factor. In-ear replacement silicone earbuds may be better when the ambient noise is loud, after all, the signal-to-noise ratio is improved, allowing you to hear the sound inside the silicone ear buds at a lower volume. silicone ear buds can be shaped into the shape you want. For example, it is more convenient to use a long cylindrical shape. You have to put the silicone sleeve on the earplugs before you can use them. It will not hurt your ears if you wear them for a long time. How to wear silicone ear buds is as follows:

(1) Wash your hands and pinch the earbud handle with the fingers of one hand.

(2) Pinch the top of the ear with the other hand and pull the ear outward to open the ear canal.

(3) Insert the head of the earplug into the ear canal, slowly, gently and rotate it into the ear.

(4) Leave 3/4 out for removing the earplugs.

2. Cleaning skills of silicone ear buds

It is recommended to use alcohol to clean the silicone ear bud, which can also be disinfected, killing two birds with one stone. silicone ear buds can be bubbled in warm water with detergent added, just pinch. There are two ways to clean silicone ear buds:

(1) Put the silicone ear buds in soapy water for ten minutes and then rub them a few times. They can be cleaned very cleanly and can be placed in a ventilated place to dry.

(2) Rinse the silicone ear buds with clean water first, then apply detergent, rinse and dry.

3. Precautions for cleaning silicone ear buds

(1) The silicone ear buds must be dried in time after cleaning, as it is easy to breed bacteria when used without drying.

(2) silicone ear buds can not be dried in the sun, they need to be dried in a cool and ventilated place.

It is recommended to use silica gel cleaning agent, commonly known as silica gel dissolving agent and remover, for cleaning silicone ear buds. It is generally used in the process of silica gel encapsulation products due to incomplete vulcanization of silica gel or degumming at the edges. A process for cleaning and reworking the silicone residues bonded to metal and plastic parts. It is different from the usual maintenance, cleaning and maintenance of silicone rubber products. The latter silica gel maintenance is generally done with water or neutral laundry detergent.

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