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How to Color the Silicone Products? What is the Color Grading Process?

In addition to its own superior performance characteristics, silicone products have a special place, that is, they can change colors, which makes silicone products more colorful and makes them more competitive. So how are silicone products toned?

1. Toning of silicone products solution

The method is to dissolve the silicone rubber into a solution of a certain concentration with a strong solvent, then mix the silicone rubber compounding agent except sulfur and the rubber compounding agent except sulfur evenly, dry it at a certain temperature to remove the solvent, and finally put it on a rubber mixing machine. Add sulphur. The process is complex, the dispersion is uneven, the coloring is poor, the solvent is difficult to recover, the environment is polluted, and the use is less.

2. Mixing and color matching of silicone products

In the current silicone products in China, the most commonly used toning method is to directly add the toner on the carrier, or mix it with the carrier first, then add it to the rubber compound, and mix it evenly with a rubber mixer to obtain the color of the silicone rubber.

3. Toning of silica gel powder

On the open mill, directly add the powder and the small material to the silicone rubber and mix. Its advantages are simple operation and low cost, but the dust is large during mixing, which pollutes the environment, is not easy to disperse uniformly, and has poor coloration.

4. Color paste for silicone products

First, the toner is mixed with a liquid compounding agent (such as a plasticizer), ground into a paste or slurry with a three-wheel machine, and then added to the silicone product in a certain proportion. The method avoids dust flying, which is beneficial to the dispersion of the toner in the rubber and the uniform color. However, the toner content in the color paste is low, the color tone is not high, the transportation and loss are large, and the user is inconvenient to use.

5. Particle chromaticity of silica gel products

There are currently two main methods available for the preparation of toners. As with other powder compounding granulation methods, the powder toner is first infiltrated with surfactant, and then granulated after being melted with wax or melted with resin; the second method is to infiltrate the toner with surfactant, and then use mechanical force to refine the toner particles to make a dispersion of a certain concentration, which is then mixed with the latex for co-precipitation, and rolled into granules after drying. Silica gel product granular toner is easy to use, has good dispersibility, no dust flying, no pollution to the environment, bright color, uniform color, no color difference, and is a promising color toning method. However, the preparation process of particle toner is complicated and the cost is high, which limits its wide application.

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