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How to Clean Silicone Kitchen Utensils?

The so-called pure silicone kitchenware means that the entire product is made of silicone material. Rubber-coated silicone kitchen utensils are mainly metal-coated and plastic-coated silicone kitchen utensils. Pure silicone material, using the advantages of the silicone material itself to play its characteristics directly in the kitchen, while the silicone kitchen utensils use the characteristics of the silicone material to assist other tools to protect and indirectly facilitate the kitchen work. In many western countries, silicone products have penetrated into every corner of people's lives, such as silicone tableware, kitchen utensils, and daily necessities. Because they are all daily necessities, they are welcomed by people in European and American countries, and some silicone daily necessities are in short supply.

Foldable silicone kitchenware non-slip mat is a kitchen utility tool that many people use at home. Silicone pads have a good usability. We just need to put the non-slip silicone pad in daily use. You can directly place items on the non-slip silicone mat, which has high temperature resistance, heat insulation, non-toxic, harmless and tasteless, strong adsorption, and can be adsorbed on the table.

1. Silicone kitchen utensils should be cleaned before use, and can be cleaned with detergent or soap

These two methods are also more convenient to clean, but the detergent should not be used for a long time, otherwise it will cause damage and whitening of the silicone skin. The best way to clean foldable silicone kitchenware is to use soap and a brush. These methods are relatively It is convenient, and the chemical composition of the soap is relatively stable, so daily cleaning will not damage the surface of the silicone. The silicone pad will not stick to the flour, and the daily cleaning method is relatively simple. If there is not much stickiness, you can directly soak it in warm water to remove it.

2. There are many types of silicone kitchenware products, each of which has different uses and cleaning

But many silicone materials won't stick to the bottom of the cage or the bottom of the oven. The more viscous the silicone, the worse the quality of the material. The less viscous the silicone product, the better the quality. Silicone steamer mats and silicone baking mats can be cleaned using the methods above, but silicone kneading mats cannot be cleaned with detergent. It is best to wipe it with warm water or a clean rag, dry it after cleaning and then use it again.

The main functions and characteristics of the silicone kitchenware silicone mat are environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless to the human body, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, cooking resistance, water vapor resistance, and can be used directly. In order to steam steamed buns without sticking to the steamer cloth, the silicone mat must be washed with water once before use, preferably warm water, the effect will be better, and make some dry flour on it so that it will not stick to the steamer, pay attention to some details, also have some relationship with the material. Good materials also have a certain impact.

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