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How Much Do You Know About Medical Silicone?

With the progress of society, many of our industries have also begun to pay attention to environmental protection. In industrial manufacturing, only some products with good performance can be used to achieve good results. Besides industrial manufacturing, our daily necessities do not need to tremble, green health is important. But in some electronic equipment, the medical industry must also have the application of silicone products.

1. Medical silicone rubber is a widely used biological material in the medical device market

Medical silicone has various forms, such as: liquid silicone, foamed silicone sponge and elastic solid silicone rubber, etc. Currently, solid silicone rubber is more widely used. Silicone rubber has good biocompatibility, no irritation, no toxicity, no allergic reaction to human tissue, and very little body rejection; It has good physical and chemical properties, and can maintain its original elasticity and softness during contact with body fluids and tissues, and is not degraded. It is a fairly stable inert substance. It can withstand high temperature and can be sterilized. It is easy to process and form, easy to process and engrave shapes, and easy to use. Silicone rubber is one of the synthetic rubbers. Its chemical name is polymethyl vinyl siloxane, generally 400,000 to 500,000.

2. The characteristics of four kinds of medical silicone rubber

(1) Solid medical silicone rubber can replace bone or cartilage as tissue filling or scaffold material, so it can be made into artificial joints and artificial tendons to repair the defects of limb joints and tendons. Plastic materials are mostly used as materials for repairing deformities and defects of the face, ears, nose, etc.

(2) Foamed medical silicone rubber can replace the adipose tissue of the human body and repair the defects and deformities of the subcutaneous tissue of the human face, such as hemifacial atrophy.

(3) The film-type medical silicone can be used as a substitute for tendon sheaths; the intestinal fistula plug is also made of this type of silicone, and its function is to seal the intestinal fistula in the intestinal cavity, prevent the leakage of intestinal fluid, and maintain the smoothness of the intestinal tract, restoring enteral nutrition, reducing complications and simplifying the treatment of intestinal fistulas.

(4) Liquid medical silicone, also known as silicone oil, is a low-viscosity transparent liquid. The silicone oil is injected into the craniofacial concave deformity using a thick injection needle. It is easy to use and can be shaped without hospitalization.

In addition, medical silicone rubber is used to make hydrocephalus drainage device clinically to treat hydrocephalus. A spherical artificial heart valve is made to replace a damaged heart mitral valve. As for the silicone contraceptive ring, it has the advantages of safety, convenience, reliability and long-term effect. Silicone intravenous catheters, gastric tubes, and urinary catheters have light damage and little stimulation, and can be inserted into relevant parts of the human body for a long time. It has been widely used in clinical practice. 

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