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Cleaning of Silicone Earplugs

1.Silicone Earbuds Overview

There are many loud noises in daily life, and the existence of noise affects our physical and mental health. At this time, we need a sound-isolating silicone earbuds to help obtain a comfortable and quiet environment. Silicone earbuds are labor protection products that need to be worn when working in a noisy environment. Using the sealing characteristics, earbuds are designed to conform to the structure of the human ear, effectively protect the eardrum from noise damage, and reduce noise interference on people's work and behavior.

2.Silicone Earbuds Using

Before using the silicone earbuds, soak them in warm water to soften them. Since the inner wall of the ear canal is soft, if the earbuds are too hard, the ear canal will be red and swollen. Therefore, it cannot be used for a long time. But silicone earbuds are easy to clean and can be used over and over again. Now you may have a question: should I buy silicone or memory foam earbuds? No need to worry because Profound provides silicone memory foam earbuds which are not only soft but easy to clean.

3.Silicone Earbuds Cleaning

There are two ways to clean the silicone earbuds. The first is to soak the silicone earbuds in water for ten minutes, then wash and place them in a ventilated place to dry. The second is to rinse the silicone rubber eartips with water, and then wash the earbuds with detergent. In addition, silicone earbuds can also be cleaned directly with silicone cleaners.

It should be noted that silicone earbuds are made of silicone collagen material. Therefore, do not touch open fire during cleaning and use, otherwise they may be melted. At the same time, keep away from sharp objects to prevent cutting. After cleaning, silicone earbuds need to be dried in the sun before use to prevent bacteria from breeding at this time.

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