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Characteristics and Classification of Conductive Rubber Connectors

The conductive rubber connector has stable and reliable performance, simple and efficient production and assembly. Conductive rubber connectors are widely used in the connection between liquid crystal displays and circuit boards of game consoles, telephones, electronic watches, calculators, meters and other products.

1. Features of conductive rubber connectors

The conductive silicone rubber connector is a kind of conductive element, which is made of methyl vinyl silicone rubber, adding conductive fillers and other compounding agents. It is used to connect the liquid crystal display screen and the printed circuit, so that the pulse signal is transmitted from the circuit board to the liquid crystal display screen through the rubber connector, so as to display the numbers and various symbols. Circuits connected with conductive silicone rubber connectors have the following significant advantages:

(1) No soldering is required, thereby eliminating damage to thermal effect devices. Instead of soldering, conductive silicone rubber can be used to connect some electronic components that are vulnerable to heat. It can also replace welding in high temperature and radiation situations. At this time, conductive silicone rubber not only provides a good conductive path, but also keeps the connection point in a sealed state, which plays a role in preventing moisture and corrosion.

(2) "Zero input force" prevents the breakage of the liquid crystal display glass.

(3) The contact surface will not be damaged.

(4) A layer of hermetic seal is formed, so that the printed circuit board will not be corroded by the atmosphere in an unfavorable environment and ensure a good connection.

(5) The silicone rubber connector has the function of buffering and shockproof.

(6) It is easy to adapt to various contact methods.

(7) The monitor can be inserted or taken out multiple times.

Ⅱ. The main classification of conductive rubber connectors

(1) Single-sided foam strip, one side is foamed with foam insulation, and the three sides have conductive function.

(2) The zebra strip is the most common and commonly used type of conductive adhesive strip, which has the function of conducting electricity on all sides.

(3) Double-sided foam strip is also the most common type of conductive strip. There are foam sponges on both sides of the strip, which has good insulation performance.

(4) The transparent interlayer strip, the dark gray transparent silicone on both sides has the insulating function, and the hardness is relatively harder than other types of strips.

(5) Printing type, the characteristic of this type of conductive rubber connector is that a layer of insulating material is coated on the surface of the conductive layer, which will not cause a short circuit with the metal shell during use. When the thickness of the rubber strip is required to be thinner, the maximum thickness of the conductive layer can be guaranteed.

(6) Insulating strips, the strips are all insulated. (Common colors are light blue, white, red, transparent)

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