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Application Of Silicone Rubber In Medical Field

1. The Development of Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber industry has made remarkable achievements. With the leap forward growth of consumption, silicone rubber industry has begun to change from high-performance special rubber to mass synthetic rubber, becoming one of the rubber varieties with the largest consumption. The development potential and long-term development of silicone rubber industry are very attractive, and its rapid development will also have a far-reaching impact on upstream and downstream industries. In fact, the linkage effect of upstream and downstream industries of silicone rubber industry has begun to appear gradually. The development of silicone rubber industry is not only the development of a single industry, but also involves the common development of multiple industries. It is of far-reaching significance for improving the quality level of OEM silicone products and enhancing the profitability of rubber processing industry.

2. Silicone Rubber Applications in the Medical Field

Among many synthetic rubbers, silicone rubber is the best among them. It is tasteless, non-toxic and resistant to extreme temperature. Silicone rubber still has its original strength and elasticity at 300 ℃ and minus 90 ℃.

Silicone rubber also has good electrical insulation, oxidation resistance, photochemical resistance, mildew resistance and chemical stability. Because of these excellent properties, silicone rubber has played an important role in modern medicine. With the cooperation of hospitals, scientific research institutions and factories, a variety of silicone rubber medical supplies have been successfully developed.

Silicone rubber anti noise earplugs: the silicone rubber eartips are comfortable to wear, and can block noise and protect eardrums.

Silicone rubber fetal head aspirator: it is easy to operate and safe to use. It can deform according to the size of the fetal head, so that the fetal scalp will not be sucked up. It can avoid disadvantages such as scalp hematoma and intracranial injury, and can greatly reduce the pain of dystocia pregnant women during delivery.

Silicone rubber artificial blood vessel: with special physiological function, it can be close to the human body, and the human body does not reject it. After a certain period of time, it will be completely combined with human tissue with excellent stability.

Silicone rubber tympanic membrane repair sheet: it is thin, soft and has good toughness. It is an ideal material for repairing eardrum. It is easy to operate and has good effect.

In addition, there are silicone rubber artificial trachea, artificial lung, artificial bone, silicone rubber duodenal tube and so on.

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