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Can not find excellent silicone rubber products suppliers? Contact Profound please! As a silicone products factory in china, we can produce almost all kinds of silicone products and have the full capabilities from product design to shipping. We focus on OEM&ODM silicone products. Spraying, laser carving and screen printing.
Zebra Connector
Also known as zebra elastomeric connector. Made by conductive silicone. One of the applications is connecting glass LCD to PCB in electronic devices.
Silicone Keypad
Keypad on navigation apparatus / military equipment / remote control / waterproof. Made of high elastic silicone rubber, processed by compression molding.
Silicone Thermal Pad
For CPU/GPU, heatsinks or other electronic devices. Helps the heat dissipation from CPU, chipset. Stable, low oil-bleeding. From 2w to 12w.
Silicone Rubber Parts
Connector/sealing ring for automobile and other equipments with International quality standards. As a silicone rubber products manufacturer in China, we produce silicone rubber parts with precision and compliance.
Silicone Toy/Tool
Food grade silicone toy for children/kitchen tools. Made of food-grade high quality silicone materials, it is tasteless. Also safe to skin and environment.
Profound Custom Services of Silicone Rubber Products
As a professional silicone products factory in China, we are capable of a complete process: product design, mold making, silicone molding, oil spraying, laser carving, screen printing and shipping. From the start to the end, save your time on doing the chores.
Profound Silicone Rubber Products Design
We have engineers with more than 10-year experience to help you design your silicone rubber products with good looks and better for mass production.
Product Design
Profound Silicone Rubber Product Mold Making
We have rich experience and knowledge on making silicone mold, we can make the mold with high precision and good for mass production, which means higher yields.
Mold Making
Profound Silicone Rubber Product Silicone Molding
We are a professional manufacturer on silicone molding, include injection molding, compression molding, low temperature molding.
Silicone Molding
Profound Silicone Rubber Product Spraying
Profound have fully automatic spraying equipment with high precision. From high gloss to semi-matt, all according to customers' specifications.
Profound Silicone Rubber Product Screen Printing
Laser carving/etching on the surface of products. Commonly used for silicone rubber keypad. Laser carving has better precision than screen printing.
Laser Carving
Profound Silicone Rubber Product Screen Printing
Multi-color silkscreen printing, the color will be thicker and brighter, the pattern has a better strong dimensional sense.
Screen Printing
Silicone Rubber Applications for All Markets and Industries
Our customers are from all over the world, as one of the excellent silicone products suppliers in China, we have rich experience in different industries, such as Electronics, Medical, Automobile and so on. Our engineers have more than 10-year experience, we will help you complete your custom silicone products.
Silicone Rubber Products in Kitchenware
Plate/Scoop/Brush. The advantages of silicone kitchenware products are stability, safety, edible, and high-temperature resistance. More and more families will choose kitchen silicone utensil set.
Silicone Rubber Products in Electronics
Phone/Laptop/Television. Silicone products are stable and safe, so silicone can be applied in electronics.
Silicone Rubber in Medical Applications
Medical equipment/Food grade cleaning brush. Silicone medical products need to be made more precise and rationally designed. We have such silicone rubber in medical applications.
Silicone Rubber Products in Audio Component
Earphone/Headset/Audio equipment. The most common application is silicone eartips/earhooks, comfortable to wear, non-slip, replaceable, and easy to clean.
Silicone Rubber Products in Children Toy
Food grade molar rod. The core of silicone baby toys is its safety. High quality silicone chew toys must be made of safe food grade materials, non-toxic, tasteless and harmless body.
Silicone Rubber Products in Automobile
Electric bikes/Motor vehicles/Motorbikes. In the automotive industry, sealing rings, shock absorbers, connectors are made of silicone rubber.
Silicone Rubber Products Manufacturer
Silicone Rubber Products Manufacturer

Profound is a professional silicone rubber products manufacturer. Our silicone products factory is located in Dongguan, which is a well-known city with a lot of factories. We have more than 20-year experience in silicone rubber products. And our slogan is: Do what others can't. As a silicone rubber products manufacturer in China, we provide one-stop service, from product design to shipping. We have professional engineers to provide design guidance, precise production equipment and strict quality management. Our goal is to make better silicone products.

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Professional Silicone Rubber Products Manufacturerr
One-Stop Service

Profound are capable of a complete process from product design to shipping, you can focus on your oem silicone products without other worries.

Industry Experience

Profound has engineers with more than 10-year experience in different industries, they are capable of providing professional solutions for you.

Quality Control

Strict quality control makes silicone rubber products better, which is the basis for the years of our development.

Quick Response

We will reply within 2 hours during working hours, the quotation will be sent within 1~2 days depends on the difficulty of the custom silicone products.

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